Magic Bullet vs. The Gizmo – Review

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gizmoI own both of these gadgets. I’ve adored them both. One works well, while it works, and the other works wonderfully (all the time). I purchased the Magic Bullet at Wal-Mart about a year ago and the Black & Decker Gizmo at Bed Bath & Beyond about two years ago. The Magic Bullet was $49 while the Gizmo was $30. These were serious, planned purchases I made special trips out for – no impulse infomercial buys here.

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Magnets: No More Can-Opening Mishaps

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If you”re like me and still use an old-fashioned manual can opener, you know you”re always one fingertip slip away from a nasty cut from a sharp can lid. My vintage Ecko can opener is the “Old Faithful” of my kitchen, but I”ve found that some of the modern marvels in the can opening arena can leave the same ultra-sharp can…

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