Super Simple Decor – Chair Rail Alternatives for Renters

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chairrailbLive in a rental space? This Super Simple Decor idea is perfect for renters who are typically not allowed to make major adjustments to their living space. Chair rails are a simple way of adding to the look of any room. Not just for dining rooms, libraries, home offices, bedrooms and even bathrooms can benefit from the addition of a chair rail. Even in an apartment, smaller wooden rails can be attached to…

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When Having Squeaky Doors is a Good Thing

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doorForeign noises can be alarming, and normally, the first thing we set out to do is to remove the offending noise or the noisemaker itself. Squeaky doors fit into this category and many of us have a home equipped and at the ready with solutions like WD-40. But is there a positive side to having squeaky doors? The answer to that question is…

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